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Elsegood Fabrics is Australia’s most experienced design-end fabric wholesaler established in 1953

The Elsegood family has been scouring the world's leading silk & textiles houses in India, China, Japan, Thailand & Europe for over half a century. The
 strong supplier relationships we've developed allow us to provide fabrics of exceptional quality and range to clothing designers & manufacturers worldwide.
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Browse more than 400 textiles online or ask for specific silks or fabrics - whether you need 10 or 10,000 metres. Compare prices and see the value.

We also source specialised textiles on demand and regularly supply the Australian Opera, Australian Ballet & Sydney Theatre Company with unique product for artistic productions.    

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The Silk Mark

The Silkmark is the registered trademark of the Silk Corporation of Australia. It was established to provide a quality symbol for silk imported into Australia.

Silk being a natural fiber is subject to the changes in climate in the region where the silk worms eat mulberry leaves. If the Mulberry leaves are drought affected then the quality of the silk will suffer.

Silk Corporation representatives have many years of experience in travelling to the silk regions of the globe to select the finest silks that are available. They understand that the minor imperfections that appear in silk are characteristic of the natural beauty of the silk and reflect the uniqueness of each piece of silk, and are not to be considered as flaws.

Only carefully selected silks carry the registered Silkmark.

The symbol is a graphic representation of the movement of the silk worm as it moves its head in an ‘S’ shape to weave its silken cocoon. This is set in the outline of the silk cocoon.